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To reach us, please fill in the submission form to the right, or send us an email (screenshots welcome): feedback (at) nwprogressive (dot) org

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Submitting a blog: the basics

In addition to contacting us with a comment, question, or complaint, you may use the form to the right to submit your blog for inclusion into our Regional Blogs Directory. Note that in order for your blog to be considered, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Your blog must be mostly about local, national, or international politics. That's what Pacific NW Portal is about. If you occassionally write about another topic, that's perfectly fine.
  • Your blog should reflect a progressive/liberal or Democratic point of view. Again, that's what Pacific NW Portal is about. We do not list or aggregate conservative blogs - there are many other sites doing that.
  • You must make your home in the Pacific Northwest. This definition includes the U.S. states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska, and the Canadian province of British Columbia. A significant focus on local politics is not required, but it is encouraged.

Frequently asked questions about submitting blogs

Q: Our blog has multiple contributors. I'm from the Pacific NW but some (or all) of the other contributors aren't. Can our blog still be listed?

A: Yes, so long as it reflects a progressive or Democratic point of view.

Q: My home is in the NW, but I'm out of the region temporarily (at college, working, out of the country, etc.) Can my blog still be listed?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Will you consider my blog for syndication?

A: Not yet. We have stricter criteria for the select number of blogs we syndicate. We do choose the blogs we syndicate from the Regional Blogs Directory. So if you're in the directory and you're meeting all the criteria, you stand an excellent chance of ultimately being syndicated.

Q: Could I submit a blog for a progressive candidate or campaign?

A: Sure. We don't list such blogs in our Regional Blogs Directory (because campaign blogs usually go dormant at the end of a campaign) but we do sometimes include them in election special coverage.

Submission form

Fields that are required are marked in bold. The middle fields (under Do you have a blog?) may be omitted if you are not submitting a blog.

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