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In Brief

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All thirty-two NFL logos... transformed for Halloween

NFL humor and news blog Kissing Suzy Kolber has managed to transform every single NFL team logo into a Halloween graphic. It’s the latest in a series of creative logo projects the publication has attempted.

# (Friday, October 31, 2014)


Republican Andy Hill holding his election night party in downtown Bellevue

Republican Andy Hill, who is trying to become the first Republican to get reelected in the suburban 45th District (Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish, Woodinville, Duvall) since Toby Nixon ten years ago, has sent out an email inviting his supporters to his election night party. Curiously, Hill’s campaign won’t be at any of the many restaurants or venues within the district – or even in a city that the 45th shares with a neighboring district. Instead, his party will be in downtown Bellevue:

We will be celebrating a strong election finish and viewing election results on Tuesday November 4 at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue (11100 NE 6th St, Bellevue, WA 98004).

Doors will open at 7 PM and results will be announced at 8:15 PM. Light appetizers will be provided and a no-host bar is available.

Please feel free to stop by, we’ll have a room for Andy off the main ballroom and he is looking forward to seeing you and thanking you for all your support. We very much appreciate your support and involvement in the campaign and welcome you to come celebrate with us on Election Night!

Hill’s opponent, Democrat Matt Isenhower, will be celebrating Election Night with his supporters at the Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville, in the heart of the 45th District.

# (Friday, October 31, 2014)

Recommended Link

Why John Maynard Keynes's theories can fix the world economy

Bloomberg Businessweek’s economics editor Peter Coy explains why the world needs a return to Keynesian economics.

# (Friday, October 31, 2014)


I get up every morning and I try to figure out how to screw with the labor unions — that’s my offense. I am just trying to figure out how I am going to reduce their brand.

— Consultant Richard Berman, speaking to an audience of oil and gas company executives at a gathering in Colorado. Berman’s speech was secretly recorded and leaked to the New York Times by a disgusted member of the audience. The complete transcript of Berman’s remarks is available here.

# (Friday, October 31, 2014)


I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.

Tim Cook, writing in a personal essay for Bloomberg Businessweek.

# (Thursday, October 30, 2014)

Recommended Link

Why polls tend to undercount Democrats

A must-read piece from the New York Times’ Nate Cohn explains that public opinion research firms are having an increasingly harder time reaching voters, particularly the voters who make up the Democratic base. For example, Cohn notes that many surveys are only offered in English, which Hispanic voters might not feel comfortable participating in.

# (Thursday, October 30, 2014)


Launch Video

Please don’t vote: A message from the Republican Party

This satirical video, created by The Young Turks, is a must-watch.

# (Monday, October 27, 2014)


Mr. McConnell, in turn, never accepted a similar invitation dating back to early September to appear before the C-J editorial board, thus shielding himself from scrutiny as well as any potential for attack ads based on his responses. Kentuckians should take measure of that: Thirty years in the Senate, and no comment.

— The Louisville Courier-Journal, taking a position in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race: We urge voters to choose the future and elect Alison Lundergan Grimes..

# (Sunday, October 26, 2014)


McConnell has sabotaged jobs and transportation bills, even as Kentucky’s unemployment exceeds the nation’s and an Interstate 75 bridge crumbles over the Ohio River. He blocked tax credits for companies that move jobs back to this country while preserving breaks for those that move jobs overseas. He opposed extending unemployment benefits, while bemoaning the “jobless” recovery. He brags about resolving crises that he helped create.The Senate may never recover from the bitter paralysis McConnell has inflicted through record filibusters that allow his minority to rule by obstruction.

— The Lexington Herald-Leader: Kentuckians should do themselves — and the country — a favor by electing Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

# (Sunday, October 26, 2014)

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The latest analysis and policy briefs from progressive think tanks focused on both regional and national politics.

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Occupy Radar

Occupy Radar tracks the latest dispatches from the Occupy Movement in cities across the Pacific Northwest. We are the 99%!

  • Occupy eugene general assembly (Occupy Eugene) — Occupy Eugene continues to hold GA's at Growers Market. It is now being held 6:00 pm on the third Friday of each month. Please join us at our General A....
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  • System status as of dec. 23 2013 (Occupy Tacoma) — The following improvements have been accomplished over the last few days: When a new idea (proposal, article, vision, whatever) is published, the ratin....
  • System status as of dec. 17th 2013 (Occupy Tacoma) — On Sunday, Dec. 15th, 2013, in respect of the Jul. 22, 2013 vote to create the On Line General Assembly, the Occupy and Assembly websites now share a c....
  • Systems status as of nov. 5, 2013 (Occupy Tacoma) — The Occupy Tacoma web site is and will probably remain the “display site” for Occupy Tacoma. But the Assembly Tacoma site is the controllin....
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  • In time for the giving season – our bit.... (Occupy Portland) — Do you use Bitcoin? Touted as a collective, public, peer-to-peer alternative currency subverting the authority of big banks, it is gaining widespread p....
PNW Topic Hotlist

The PNW Topic Hotlist curates blog posts from local blogs based on current events. Posts categorized under the top three topics of the moment are shown below.

  • Minimum Wage
    • NPI Advocate: Tim Eyman wants $2.2 million for statewide initiative to repeal $15/hour minimum wage - Remember back in June when Tim Eyman filed a statewide initiative to prevent cities like Seattle from raising the minimum wage above the level set by state law? Several media outlets, including the Puget Sound Business Journal, erroneously assumed – and then wrongfully reported – that Eyman was already ... September 3 at 0:27 Pacific Time
    • Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza! - That Canadian Immigrant: Ted Cruz’s dad explains black peopleLiberal Viewer: Ted Cruz’s inappropriate joke after 9 year old kills instructor with Uzi.Mark Fiore: The Presidential Painsuit. Puppet Nation: ISIS Schmisis. Cheap Labor: Thom: Economic terrorism paid for by goons.James Rustad: Fight for $15: Thom: ... September 6 at 0:30 Pacific Time
    • BlueOregon: Modern-Day Labor Day: Finding the Humanity in Business - By Angelica Maduell of Portland, Oregon. Angelica is a freelance writer, marketer and political activist. The modern meaning of Labor Day is lost amongst traffic jams, crowded campgrounds, and forgetful barbecues. For most Americans, it’s simply another 3-day weekend: a day off work. For others, it’s an opportunity for ... September 5 at 12:0 Pacific Time
  • Gun Control
    • I-594’s First TV Ad Hits WA Airwaves - "Our background check law has stopped over 40,000 people in Washington State—felons, domestic abusers, you name it—from getting guns," says former Bellingham Police chief Don Pierce in the first TV ad from I-594 sponsor Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility. "But there’s a dangerous loophole in the law," Pierce ... September 5 at 12:36 Pacific Time
    • Politics Northwest: NRA sends more money to fight I-594 - As we've tallied the dollars flowing toward the pro-background check indep endent-expenditure campaign known as Washington Alliance for Gun Re sponsibility,we've been wondering where the National Rifle Association (NRA)is. The NRA started its own spending committeein Juneto oppose I-594, a measure on the November ballot that ... September 10 at 15:31 Pacific Time
  • Gay Rights
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