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Shut down the Select Committee on Benghazi

The New York Times editorializes: “Lawmakers have long abused their investigative authority for political purposes. But the effort to find Mrs. Clinton, who was secretary of state at the time of the Libya attacks, was personally responsible for the deaths has lost any semblance of credibility. It’s become an insult to the memory of four slain Americans.”

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Permanent Defense

PDC votes to refer case against Tim Eyman to Attorney General Bob Ferguson

This morning in Olympia, after hearing staff summarize their findings in Case 13-027 (Protect Your Right To Vote On Initiatives and Tim Eyman) and Case 15-078 (Voters Want More Choices and Tim Eyman), the five-member Public Disclosure Commission voted una… (read more)

PDC investigation finds Tim Eyman broke Washington’s public disclosure law, again

This morning, the staff of the Public Disclosure Commission released the results of the agency’s long-running investigation into Tim Eyman’s I-517, the initiative on initiatives Eyman qualified in 2012, which was overwhelmingly rejected by vot… (read more)

Statement on the Supreme Court’s order in Huff v. Wyman

This morning, the Washington State Supreme Court rendered a preliminary verdict in Huff v. Wyman, the scope challenge to Tim Eyman’s I-1366. The Court has ruled unanimously that plaintiffs’ request for an injunction should be denied, which we… (read more)

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Progressive Thought
  • African-Americans still shortchanged in ....
    ( — NNPA | Charlene Crowell Demos , a public policy organization, published a report that demonstrated if the rate of homeownership by people of color would....
  • Pennsylvania Budget Stalemate and the Ha....
    (Tax Justice Blog) — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and House and Senate lawmakers continue to grapple with how to balance the state's books more than 90 days past the budget du....
  • Consumer Protection and Higher Education....
    (Center for American Progress) — Rohit Chopra, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, testified before the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee.
  • We (Don't) Need to Talk about Bobby Jindal
    (Tax Justice Blog) — Some economists have said growing income inequality and stagnating wages are among the defining issues of our time. Bobby Jindal's tax proposal would ma....
  • In Maine, Dueling Ballots
    (Tax Justice Blog) — Two new proposals could set the stage for dueling tax ballot initiatives in Maine. The Stand Up for Students proposal would create a 3 percent surcharge....
  • Time for Washington to make voter regist....
    (Economic Opportunity Institute » Blog....) — In a democracy, all citizens should be able to vote. Laws shouldn’t make it harder to vote. Laws should ease the way to voting. That is, unless we....
  • Ben Bernanke on Not Seeing the Crisis
    (Beat the Press) — Ben Bernanke was on the Diane Rehm show on Tuesday (unsolicited plug: one of the most serious talk shows around). Anyhow, there was much good back and f....
  • State Rundown 10/8: Credits, Cuts and Br....
    (Tax Justice Blog) — Arizona lawmakers will push flat income tax with eye toward elimination; New Jersey considers tax cut for rich celebrities; Ohio official says legalizin....
  • RELEASE: CAP Launches National Grassroot....
    (Center for American Progress) — Washington, D.C. — The Center for American Progress—along with its partners Witnesses to Hunger, the Coalition on Human Needs, the Food Research & A....
  • Washington Post Discovers Rise In Labor ....
    (Beat the Press) — The Washington Post deserves credit for being the first major media outlet to discover the sharp increase in women's labor force participation in Japan......
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