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This is a bad road we’re going down. For all their foibles, legislatures are still better places to solve public problems than the alternatives. They should try doing it again sometime.

— Danny Westneat, arguing that forsaking the legislative process will yield bad results in his column for The Seattle Times.

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State Senate doing its oily best to ignore us on transportation

The Republican-controlled Washington State Senate is doing its best to ignore a plan proposed by Governor Jay Inslee that would tax big polluters to pay for transportation, writes Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat. But, as Westneat goes on to explain, public opinion research shows that the governor’s plan is popular with the people.

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Permanent Defense

Statement on Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen’s ruling upholding majority rule

Responding to a point of order from Senator Steve Hobbs of Snohomish County, Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen today ruled in his capacity as President of the Washington State Senate that a rule previously adopted by Senate Republicans that requires two-third… (read more)

Thirteen Years: Statement from the Founder

Today and throughout this month, Permanent Defense celebrates its thirteenth anniversary, marking one hundred and fifty-six months of continuous operation. Since going live on February 15th, 2002, PD has steadfastly provided the Union’s Forty-Second… (read more)

NPI’s Permanent Defense ready to fight Eyman’s I-1366

This morning, Tim Eyman announced that he will once again be attempting to qualify an initiative to the ballot that would wipe out around $1 billion per year in revenue for schools and other vital public services unless, by April 2016, the Legislature pas… (read more)

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