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In Depth: The Advocate

Scotland says no to independence, yes to the United Kingdom in historic vote

After months of campaigning leading up to an unprecedented, history-making referendum on their country’s future, the people of Scotland have said no to independence and chosen to remain a part of the United Kingdom, according to unofficial counts released in thirty-one of thirty… (read more)

In Brief


Where to go for more coverage of the Scottish independence referendum

In a momentous vote, Scotland has said no to independence and yes to staying in the United Kingdom. This is one of the biggest political developments in the history of the United Kingdom, and it will have huge ramifications not only there, but around the world. For in-depth coverage of the election and its consequences, we recommend turning to media based in the United Kingdom, which are offering perspectives and insights lacking from media based on the United States.

At the top of our list are the BBC and The Guardian, but there are many other publications in the U.K. worth checking out, such as:

# (Friday, September 19, 2014)


Scotland voted for a stronger Scottish Parliament backed by the strength and security of the United Kingdom and I want to congratulate the No campaign for that – for showing people that our nations really are better together.

— Excerpt from David Cameron’s statement on the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum. Cameron also declared that the U.K.’s federal parties will honor “in full” its commitments for further powers for the Scottish parliament.

# (Thursday, September 18, 2014)

Recommended Link

Scotland votes no: the union has survived, but the questions for the left are profound

The Guardian’s Martin Kettle discusses the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum and what it means for the future of the United Kingdom.

# (Thursday, September 18, 2014)

Recommended Link

Jeff Merkley on filibuster reform and fighting for working families

With less than fifty days to go before Election Day 2014, nwLaborPress talks to Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley about his accomplishments in his first term and his goals for the next six years.

# (Thursday, September 18, 2014)


I’ve consumed very large amounts of coffee, and extensively used sweeteners, thinking like many other people that they are at least not harmful to me and perhaps even beneficial… Given the surprising results that we got in our study, I made a personal preference to stop using them.

— Dr. Eran Elinav, an immunologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science, discussing research findings which show that artificial sweeteners may disrupt the human body’s blood sugar controls, resulting in unwanted side effects.

# (Wednesday, September 17, 2014)

Recommended Link

The big lie that brought down Wal-Mart's public relations chief

Businessweek’s Susan Berfield explains the sudden departure of David Tovar, Walmart’s longtime anti-labor public relations chief.

# (Wednesday, September 17, 2014)


Launch Video

Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Glasgow speech calling for a “No Thanks” vote in tomorrow’s Scottish independence referendum is widely being hailed as one of the best speeches ever given by a British orator, and certainly his best. Huffington Post U.K. has the transcript.

# (Wednesday, September 17, 2014)

Recommended Link

Interview: Naomi Klein breaks a taboo

The Indypendent’s John Tarleton talks to Naomi Klein about her new book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.

# (Tuesday, September 16, 2014)


Wi-Fun, September 2014 edition

While walking in Seattle’s University District this evening, a member of our staff glanced at the list of Available Wi-Fi networks on his smartphone and was amused to discover a very long list of nearby secure networks, some with clever and funny names. Here is a partial list of the SSIDs he saw:

  • WiBelieveICanFi
  • 4NDdonotclickit
  • GanjaNinja
  • InUrBase
  • MeepMeep
  • Nameless
  • Dirt Shack

# (Tuesday, September 16, 2014)

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Progressive Thought

The latest analysis and policy briefs from progressive think tanks focused on both regional and national politics.

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    (Policy Network) — Policy Network and The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) are holding a London conference on productivity and innovation-led growth. ....
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    (Policy Network) — Over the course of this year’s Labour Party Conference, Policy Network, together with partner organisations, will hold eight fringe events.
  • Child Poverty Remains High, But States C....
    (Off the Charts Blog | Center....) — More than half of the states plus the District of Columbia had child poverty rates of 20 percent or higher last year (see map), new data from the Census....
  • Economic security is out of reach for to....
    (Washington Policy Watch) — The latest research from the Alliance for a Just Society shows just how difficult it is for people to achieve basic economic security here in Washington....
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    (Off the Charts Blog | Center....) — Growing income inequality in recent decades has slowed state tax collections, a new report from Standard & Poor’s finds, making it harder to fund pu....
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    (Center for American Progress) — Today, the Obama administration announced the second round of Promise Zones applications. As leaders and groups come together to plan their applications....
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    (Center for American Progress) — Effectively mitigating climate change requires identifying exactly how the United States will transform its energy economy to attain international goals....
  • Weekend Reading 9/19/14
    (Sightline Daily) — Serena Don’t forget to visit your city’s PARK(ing) Day installations TODAY! (I’m dying to stop by Seattle Met ‘s SwaPark .) Here....
  • A Hidden Crisis
    (Center for American Progress) — The national movement surrounding the crisis of sexual assaults on college campuses is encouraging, but it cannot fully address the problem without incl....
Occupy Radar

Occupy Radar tracks the latest dispatches from the Occupy Movement in cities across the Pacific Northwest. We are the 99%!

  • Occupy eugene general assembly (Occupy Eugene) — Occupy Eugene continues to hold GA's at Growers Market. It is now being held 6:00 pm on the third Friday of each month. Please join us at our General A....
  • February 11th 2014 is the day we fight .... (Occupy Eugene) — Why is there a US news blackout on Edward Snowden's January 27 interview (in English) on German TV? Maybe because he accuses the US Director of Nationa....
  • Whoville granted reprieve through febru.... (Occupy Eugene) — On January 27, 2014, the Eugene City Council granted Whoville and its advocates 30 days to find a new location for the Whoville Unhoused Sanctuary. Cit....
  • System status as of jan. 9th at 11 pm pct (Occupy Tacoma) — The Occupy Tacoma / Assembly Tacoma site has been rebuilt and the temporary site at is now abandoned,  We are still experiencing DOS att....
  • System status as of jan. 7, 2014 (Occupy Tacoma) — The Occupy Tacoma website was hacked (probably after Dec. 3, 2013 and most likely during the Christmas – New Year period).  Over the last 2 weeks....
  • System status as of dec. 29, 2013 (Occupy Tacoma) — The site has been experiencing very poor performance on an intermittent basis.  We have been unable to determine the cause, but we continue to investig....
  • System status as of dec. 23 2013 (Occupy Tacoma) — The following improvements have been accomplished over the last few days: When a new idea (proposal, article, vision, whatever) is published, the ratin....
  • System status as of dec. 17th 2013 (Occupy Tacoma) — On Sunday, Dec. 15th, 2013, in respect of the Jul. 22, 2013 vote to create the On Line General Assembly, the Occupy and Assembly websites now share a c....
  • Systems status as of nov. 5, 2013 (Occupy Tacoma) — The Occupy Tacoma web site is and will probably remain the “display site” for Occupy Tacoma. But the Assembly Tacoma site is the controllin....
  • Film showing & discussion: “growthbusters” (Occupy Portland) — Occupy Portland Elder Caucus presents a provocative documentary GrowthBusters, where one man takes on City Hall, Wall Street, and The Pope as he questi....
  • The start of something new: transitioni.... (Occupy Portland) — The OPDX Info Team and the Friends of Occupy Portland (FOOP) have been in discussion over the decline in General Assembly (GA) attendance and whether i....
  • Occupy eugene launches sustaining donor.... (Occupy Eugene) — Occupy Eugene is asking for your sustained financial support to help our organizers and activists to achieve the change the 99% wants to see.
  • In time for the giving season – our bit.... (Occupy Portland) — Do you use Bitcoin? Touted as a collective, public, peer-to-peer alternative currency subverting the authority of big banks, it is gaining widespread p....
PNW Topic Hotlist

The PNW Topic Hotlist curates blog posts from local blogs based on current events. Posts categorized under the top three topics of the moment are shown below.

  • Minimum Wage
    • NPI Advocate: Tim Eyman wants $2.2 million for statewide initiative to repeal $15/hour minimum wage - Remember back in June when Tim Eyman filed a statewide initiative to prevent cities like Seattle from raising the minimum wage above the level set by state law? Several media outlets, including the Puget Sound Business Journal, erroneously assumed – and then wrongfully reported – that Eyman was already ... September 3 at 0:27 Pacific Time
    • Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza! - That Canadian Immigrant: Ted Cruz’s dad explains black peopleLiberal Viewer: Ted Cruz’s inappropriate joke after 9 year old kills instructor with Uzi.Mark Fiore: The Presidential Painsuit. Puppet Nation: ISIS Schmisis. Cheap Labor: Thom: Economic terrorism paid for by goons.James Rustad: Fight for $15: Thom: ... September 6 at 0:30 Pacific Time
    • BlueOregon: Modern-Day Labor Day: Finding the Humanity in Business - By Angelica Maduell of Portland, Oregon. Angelica is a freelance writer, marketer and political activist. The modern meaning of Labor Day is lost amongst traffic jams, crowded campgrounds, and forgetful barbecues. For most Americans, it’s simply another 3-day weekend: a day off work. For others, it’s an opportunity for ... September 5 at 12:0 Pacific Time
  • Gun Control
    • I-594’s First TV Ad Hits WA Airwaves - "Our background check law has stopped over 40,000 people in Washington State—felons, domestic abusers, you name it—from getting guns," says former Bellingham Police chief Don Pierce in the first TV ad from I-594 sponsor Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility. "But there’s a dangerous loophole in the law," Pierce ... September 5 at 12:36 Pacific Time
    • Politics Northwest: NRA sends more money to fight I-594 - As we've tallied the dollars flowing toward the pro-background check indep endent-expenditure campaign known as Washington Alliance for Gun Re sponsibility,we've been wondering where the National Rifle Association (NRA)is. The NRA started its own spending committeein Juneto oppose I-594, a measure on the November ballot that ... September 10 at 15:31 Pacific Time
  • Gay Rights
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